American Diploma

In developing a four or three-year plan for high school, a student should begin with a realistic assessment of his/her strengths, needs and goals. This plan is developed by the administration. It is important for students to meet their minimum credit requirements early in their high school program so that they are able to choose appropriate courses and electives during their final two years. Students who successfully complete the required eighteen (18) credits as minimum or thirty two (32) credits as maximum during grades 9, 10, 11, and 12 will receive the American Diploma.
The transcripts from grade 10 and up must be evaluated before a comparable grade can be credited to the student’s Grade Point Average (GPA).
Required courses for American Diploma

English 4.0 credits
Math 4.0 credits
Science 4.0 credits
Social Sciences 4.0 credits
World Languages 2.0 credits
Physical Education 1.5 credits
Computer 2.0 credits
Electives 4.0 credits
Total 25.5 credits


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