Principal speech

On behalf of the staff, I would like to take this opportunity to welcome you to El Zahraa American School. This Student Handbook is published so that all students of ZAS may have a ready reference to information that is necessary for an understanding of the daily operation of our school. It is essential that all students read the information contained in this handbook so there may be as few misunderstandings as possible. It is also strongly suggested that students share the information in this handbook with their parents. When this handbook does not give you the information you need, you should contact your principal, assistant principal or teacher for help.

The goal of ZAS is EXCELLENCE and the striving to reach this goal must be cooperative on the part of the students, teachers, administrators and parents. We ask for your cooperation in this venture and assure you that the result will be well worth the effort. Therefore, I urge you to become actively involved in your student’s studies, activities and pride that ZAS offers.

School Principal

Ms. Heba El Khawaga

  Keep Distance…..

 Stay Safe………

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