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Welcome to El Zahraa School Magazine
A school magazine is basically a type of magazine unique to its own people, contains all the activities, important events, advice, story sharing. It’s a historic document of the growth of the school.  It informs the future generation of students about the traditions built up of their school by providing valuable publication with opportunity where the students can show their talents.
El Zahraa Magazine was reborn in October 2018. After the arrangement of choosing the members, which are mostly year graduates, we have created the whats’app group to have constant connection to speed up the process of producing the material and arrangement for overall creation of the school magazine. Due to overall commitment and hard work 3 issues of the magazine were prepared.
During this academic year 2019-2020, unexpected circumstances prevented us from including in this issue our graduates, but still the magazine is published and printed.
As a Magazine team, we want to:
  • To provide opportunity to the students for self-expression in written form
  • To develop and cultivate in students the literary taste and study habits
  • To act as a means unity of the school by students involvement in its life
  • Develop the student’s creativity for better utilization of their leisure time
  • To develop in students a sense of loyalty towards the institution, being proud of its achievements
  • To provide encouragement for and stimulate worth-while activities.
People who contributed to the Magazine issues:
  • Mrs Nevine Mohamed
  • Mr Amr Abdel Badea
  • Mr Hatem Abdel Aziz
  • Mrs Sherihan Salama
  • Mr  Waleed Gad-Elkarim
  • Youssef Alaa  – gr 12A (2018-2019) – cover page designer
  • Omar Khaled – gr 12A (2018-2019) – cover page designer
  • Amr Yasser – gr 12D (2018-2019) – school photographer
  • Mohamed Samir – gr 11A (2018-2019) – English writer
  • Yehia Mostafa – gr 11A (2018-2019) – cover page designer
Last but not least, for editing, adjusting, arranging, designing and putting all pieces together to become as it is….Mrs Agnes I’m inviting you all to join our group, so you can leave your fingerprint for future generations…
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