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Al – Zahra Private School
We wish all visitors to the school site to enjoy browsing the school site as you will not only find general information about the school, but you will also find your projects of students and faculty, and information about sports, arts and all activities carried out by students hand in hand
The school was founded in 1993 by Mr. Ibrahim Eissa, which started as a private school affiliated to the educational administration and includes the following stages (kindergartens – primary – preparatory – secondary)
The school is located in Ganaklis area, Alexandria, Egypt
In 2006-2007, the US Department of Education opened the school, which began with two classes with 28 students enrolled in the second and third secondary grades. Thanks to God Almighty and thanks to the management of the school, the number of chapters of Zahra International School to fourteen chapters in 2016-2017 and the number of students to 258 students starting from the first grade preparatory to the third secondary.
School Location
Al Zahraa Private Language School is located in the heart of Alexandria. This site is a great advantage. It is easily accessible by all means of transport, besides providing many buses to transport students. The school buys many buses annually.
The school is also located in a quiet place away from the hustle and bustle. The Ganaklis region is considered one of the finest neighborhoods in Alexandria

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